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Methodism began in Rocky Hill in 1821. A traveling preacher, called a circuit rider, would pass through and conduct worship on a regular basis. The congregation met in homes, then in a “sail loft”.


Methodists in Rocky Hill built their first church in 1859. When that church burned to the ground on Valentine’s Day 1895, the ladies of the sewing society only had time to save an 1814 Bible and a pair of altar chairs from the building. A new church was opened less than a year after the fire. Now called the Rocky Hill United Methodist Church, it is located at 626 Old Main Street, on the corner of Church Street. This Gothic Revival church has triangular window shapes instead of the pointed arches that are more typical of the style.

In 1958 a parish hall was added to Gothic Revival style, United Methodist Church of 1895, which is located at the opposite (north) corner of the institutional triangle between Church and Old Main Streets (623 Old Main Street). While displaying the steeply pitched roofs and offset belfry tower so characteristic of this style, here bold triangular window shapes were substituted for the more typical Gothic pointed arches. Although they appear to be an alteration associated with the residing of the building, these design elements are depicted in a c.1944 photograph and may be original.


The most important part of our history is the countless people of faith who have been a part of our fellowship since 1821. We are here today because of their efforts, their prayers, and their faithfullness..

~the little church with the big heart.
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