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Pastor Ahn


Reverend Soon Kook Ahn was born in Korea and raised by a non-Christian family. His mother was a Buddhist and father was a fervent follower of Confucianism.  Because of this reason, he did not have a chance to attend a church until he entered high school.  The school was founded by Rev. Henry G. Appenzeller, a Methodist missionary from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He came to Korea in 1885, and the first thing he did was build a church and open a school, the first modernized school in Korea.  The school’s motto has been, “If you want to be great, you must be the servant of all the others.  And if you want to be first, you must be the slave of the rest.” (Matthew 20:26b-27)          


Participating in weekly worship service and Bible class was mandatory for all students in my high school.  Although he had not had a chance to attend a church, the name of Jesus and his gospel came to him very easily because his heart was torn apart with his family’s difficult situation and because he was seeking spiritual guidance.      


Pastor Ahn’s father was an army officer in Korea and had been appointed to be a one star general as of June 1, 1961, but a military coup broke out just two weeks before he became a general.  He was forced to be discharged and was imprisoned for two and a half years.  After his release from the prison, his father could not get a job for nearly 20 years because of political reasons.  His mother worked very hard to raise their six children.  He learned this story when he was in high school.  Suddenly, his heart was filled with anger, hatred, and revenge for the people who caused these hard times for his father and their family.


However, Jesus knocked and opened his heart to the grace and love of God while he was a high school student.  God’s love was so amazing to him because the anger and hatred melted away.  Instead, God filled his heart with the kind of peace, joy, and happiness that he had never even imagined for his life.  The existence of God became real to him and there was no other choice for him except to commit his life to Jesus and His gospel.


Gracious Lord guided him to be a pastor as he graduated from the Union Theological Seminary in New York in 1991 with M. Div. and in 1992 with S.T.M.  He began to serve in 1992, and this is his fifth church. He will be joined by his wife of 25 years, Amy.  They have three sons.


It is his desire as pastor to build up a healthy congregation and to share the grace of God in Christ Jesus with the congregation members and the people in the world.  There is no greater joy for him than to see human souls that are saved by the grace of God. He truly believe that this is the most important reason God began our church and all churches!



Maralee Hill is the church secretary supporting Pastor Ahn.

Nursery School Teacher

Carmen Reyes for the last 10 years has cared for the infant to 4 year olds.  Babies and young children meet in the nursery at 11 AM.


Janet Oblon has been making music for years.  She has a long career in teaching and performance.  Her career spans weddings, lounges, and symphonies.   As an educator, she has enjoyed teaching K-12 in the public school systems.  We are grateful to have her as part of our worship service.

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